Alfredo is passionate singer/songwriter known for his latin flavored compositions, and his singing in multiple languages, and fiery guitar playing. 

His performances, in solo settings or in duos/trios, or with 
his group Radio Europa, transport the listener to exotic places.He began the coffee houses circuit at age 17 and has toured all over Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. His influences range from Flamenco to Jazz, Reggae and Rock. His band, Europa and the Europa Jam Sessions, which has been immensely popular in the Hamptons, really define his work. 

As of late, Alfredo has been transporting 
listeners to Paris, as he channels the music of Jacques Brel. 
Come down and enjoy the ”Musika" of Alfredo Merat. 

Well for the past 20 years I have been asked so many times, what type of music do you do?Even some of my own musicians say, How can I describe your music when asked: 
My roots are Latin flamenco, but truly its my own sound. Different fresh home grown. 

Well from the early days I have fused, mixed and explored within the confines of my music and I have let it evolve and slowly by meeting other musicians more used to Blues Rock, Reggae or Jazz or other genres they have somehow made a impact in my songs, added colors, changed the sound of course and so sometimes not even wanting to have that happened, but I have adapted and Europa was born. 

Members: Alfredo Merat, Guitar& Vocals &Material, Carl Obrig,on Saxs, Alex Sarkis Drums,  Carolina Fuentes on Percu-Drums, Willy Fuentes Bass, Los Aquiles dad & Son Congas, Bongos & Charles Certain on Sax & Vocals. Charles Notturno on Accordeon …Alfredo invites many other artist to join his jams  Jon Brzoza on Lead guitar, Brian Leclerck on Lead Guitar, Joe Lauro on Stand Up bass, Forrest Gray on Lead guitar, and many more…